Adolescent counseling

Adolescent counseling is aimed at young people to help them talk about issues that are affecting their social, mental, or cognitive growth. The adolescence stage is the period when a child transitions from a child to an adult, this happens between the ages of 10 to 19. The counseling process allows them to express stressful or confusing feelings and develop a stronger sense of self.

Pre-marriage counseling

Pre-marriage counseling assists couples to prepare mentally for marriage. The counseling helps couples improve their ability to communicate, set realistic expectations for marriage and ensure that the couple’s relationship is built on a strong and healthier foundation. Counseling also has the potential to keep minor problems from being serious concerns in the future. In addition, it can help couples establish a positive attitude about seeking help down the road.

Planned Parenthood

Having an unplanned pregnancy can be one of the most difficult times in someone’s life. You may be feeling numb, afraid or confused. Planned Parenthood allows the couple to achieve desired birth spacing, family size and prevent unintended pregnancy. Planned parenthood further contributes to improve health outcomes for infants and the woman.

Birth Control Methods / Contraceptive counseling

Birth control is any procedure, drug, or device used to prevent conception or pregnancy before it starts. Women may use a variety of birth control methods, from condoms to caps to pills. The form of birth control used is determined by one’s health, willingness to have children now or later, and the need to avoid sexually transmitted infections.

Women’s Intimacy Issues (Female Sexual Dysfunctions)

Female sexual dysfunction is a common problem in women. It refers to any issue that stops pleasure throughout the sexual response cycle. It can be identified & diagnosed in terms of specific issues such as a lack of sex drive, difficulty initiating or maintaining an orgasm or pain during intercourse. Women should work with their doctor to develop a treatment plan for sexual dysfunction.


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