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We provide personalized care across a wide area of obstetric and maternity care. Obstetric care includes prenatal diagnosis and treatment, as well as the management of both routine and high-risk pregnancies. Our skilled team of doctors, nurses, dieticians, and therapists, assists throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Obstetrics & Maternity Care at Sangita

We provide a comprehensive range of gynec and obstetric care under one roof, such as antenatal care, normal delivery, high-risk pregnancy, and more.

Antenatal Care

Good antenatal care ensures that pregnancy causes no damage to the mother and keeps the fetus healthy throughout the pregnancy period. It is the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy complications. Good prenatal care includes good nutrition and health habits before and during pregnancy. A minimum of 8 ANC visits are recommended by WHO when you are expecting. We plan the most comprehensive antenatal care package as per patient requirements.

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Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is a process when a baby is born naturally without the use of any medical intervention. It is also known as a vaginal birth. The vaginal birth process helps in having a healthy baby and a quick recovery. There are total 3 stages: Early labor, delivering the baby out and delivery of the placenta. Ensuring that pregnancy completes a full-term and patient deliver a healthy baby is the aim of Sangita.

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High-Risk Pregnancy

In a high-risk pregnancy, both the mother and the baby are at higher risk of experiencing health problems. High-risk pregnancies can feel like high-stress pregnancies. It often requires specialized care from specially trained providers. We have all the requisite skills and are more watchful than usual when your pregnancy is at risk.

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Painless Delivery

Painless delivery is normal delivery without experiencing any pain during the labor. The epidural anesthesia used in this procedure helps mothers relieve the normal delivery pain. It is injected in the lower back, and a plastic tube is placed through which drugs are released around the spinal cord. It doesn’t always provide 100% pain relief, but it substantially reduces pain and sensations in the lower half of the body. We do recommend it for a smooth and beautiful experience while in labor and have performed many successful painless deliveries.

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C Section

A cesarean delivery, also called a C-section, is a surgical procedure performed when a vaginal delivery is not possible or safe. Normally C-section is done after 39 weeks; however it can be planned beforehand. We have the best gynaecologists specialized in cesarean deliveries and have a record of numerous successful deliveries.

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Antenatal Exercises

Antenatal exercises are aimed to improve the physical and psychological well-being of an expected mother for labor by various physical means. This helps the mother during the entire pregnancy but also helps to recover faster and better, and get back in shape after the delivery. These exercises help in reducing backaches, constipation, bloating, swelling and improves energy levels. We designed the best antenatal exercise package catering to the needs of each trimester.

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Trimester Chart

Pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks & is grouped into three trimesters. Find out what’s happening with your baby in these three stages using this chart.

  • 4

    Things to Know

    At 4 weeks, your baby is developing. The baby is now an embryo that develops into all of the baby's organs and body parts.

  • 8

    Fetal Development

    At 8 weeks, the embryo begins to change into a foetus. All major organs have begun to form and are clearly visible. Schedule your first prenatal visit soon.

  • 12

    Baby Movement

    At 12 weeks, you reached the end of your first trimester — a significant milestone! The baby looks like a completely shaped person with additional organ development.

1st Trismester

0.4kg - 2.0kg
  • 18

    Pregnancy Health

    At 16 weeks, the baby is equivalent to 4 ounces. Other body parts, such as skeletal muscle tissue, eyes, eyelashes, blood cells, shape during the second trimester.

  • 22

    Pregnancy Comfort

    At 22 weeks, you're more than halfway through your pregnancy. The baby's genital system continues to develop. The testes have begun to descend in boys. The uterus, ovaries, and vagina are where they should be in females.

  • 27

    Yoga & Exercise

    At 27 weeks, you are within the final week of your second trimester. The baby’s look seems to be the same as it would be at birth, but inside, the organs still have some maturing to do.

2nd Trismester

2.0kg - 8.0kg
  • 31

    Healthy Sleep

    At 31 weeks, the body is prepared for labor with Braxton Hicks contractions. Some of the skills, such as blinking and breathing, are now being practiced by the infant.

  • 36

    Relax with Music

    At 36 weeks, you're officially nine months along. The baby is now in the head-down position and ready for birth.

  • 40

    Lower Anxiety

    After months of anticipation and preparation, you reach the milestone everyone's been counting down to from the beginning as your baby is here!

*units in weeks

3rd Trismester

8.0kg - 13.6kg
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